65 DIY Potting Bench Plans (Completely Free)

Are you tired of starting seeds on the kitchen table or crouching down to transplant from one pot to another on the ground? If so, you’ll want to build a potting bench. Here you’ll find a wide variety of potting tables, benches, and stations to choose from, as well as building instructions. These range from … Read more

Best Watering Cans: Plastic, Metal, Outdoor, Indoor, and Misters

A watering can (also known as a watering pot) is an easy way to water plants by hand and usually comes with a spout and a handle. Most watering cans hold between 1-2.5 gallons of water and are made from plastic, ceramic, or metal. Watering cans have been used since the 17th century (or earlier) … Read more

21+ Organic Fertilizers and How To Use Them In Your Garden

If your plants keep dropping leaves, turning odd colors, and generally failing to thrive, it might not be your gardening techniques that are at fault. There could be an imbalance in your soil that’s killing your plants. In such instances, improving your soil might simultaneously improve your chances at having a successful garden. However, it’s … Read more

60+ Garden Quotes To Nurture Your Green Thumb

Sometimes gardening can be frustrating! There are so many variables that can affect your garden it’s sometimes difficult to see the “bright side” when everything goes wrong. But, a lesson is learned with every failure and we gardeners continue growing and moving forward. When you think all hope is lost, take a step back, re-motivate … Read more

Gardening With Children: 5 Tips To Get Them Outside

Getting your kids into the garden is not always the easiest thing to do. Screens and air conditioning make the inside seem a lot more appealing than the outside. You probably already know the benefits of time spent in the yard and away from the couch, but how do we help our kids understand them? … Read more