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White Sage Plant: Growing Guide, Smudging, and Seeds

​If there’s any herb that has a history, it’s white’s been used for hundreds of years, most notably among the native american tribes, where it’s known as qaashil, pilhtaay, shaltai, and many more ancient names.​It lives well past two years if properly cared for, and it’s easy to care for — so you should […]

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11 Incredible Benefits of Mint

Mint enjoys a position not held by many plants…It’s one of the most popular plants in history. Peppermint takes the cake as far as the most cultivated type of mint, and for good reason – the benefits of mint are so plentiful that it seems sacreligious not to grow it.​They range from simple antimicrobial benefits […]

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Creating Your Own Medicinal Herb Garden

Now is the time of year that most gardeners begin planning their garden for the New Year, making tweaks and additions to their existing garden plans in order to create a garden that is bigger, better, and more beautiful than previous years. However the scent and functionality of your garden is just as important as […]

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11 Most Surprising Benefits of Mint

These days, mint is everywhere. It’s in our chewing gum, tea, foods, and God knows our breath would be less than ideal if it wasn’t in our toothpastes. Because of this versatility, it should come as no surprise that mint is one of the most popular plants to have ever been discovered, and that peppermint […]

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