Catmint: Grow and Care for Nepeta

So many catmint varieties, so little time! There are over 250 species of Nepeta in Europe and Asia. But only a fraction of these make it onto a gardener’s list of must-haves. Most catnip plants produce a tightly-packed cluster of green or grey-green leafy foliage from which brilliant catnip flowers spring forth in shades of … Read more

A Simple Technique For Growing Onions From Seed

Onions are an essential ingredient found in most kitchens all over the world. That’s why it’s so rewarding if we can grow and harvest our own fresh, healthy onions. They can be planted from onion sets, nursery-grown transplants, or onion seeds. Some may prefer to grow onions from sets because they are widely available and … Read more

Bring on the Sizzle This Summer 8 New Hot Peppers for 2017

Some people escape the summer heat by going to the beach, splashing in a pool, or just hiding inside. Not gardeners. The hotter, the better, especially when it comes to growing our delectable hot peppers. When other plants are withering in the heat, our pepper plants are soaking it all in and rewarding us with … Read more

White Sage Plant: Growing Guide, Smudging, and Seeds

If there’s any herb that has a history, it’s white’s been used for hundreds of years, most notably among the native american tribes, where it’s known as qaashil, pilhtaay, shaltai, and many more ancient names.​It lives well past two years if properly cared for, and it’s easy to care for — so you should … Read more

White (Ghost) Pumpkins: Care, Types, and Growing Tips

All right, I’ll ‘fess up…I like a good shortcut. Something that can save me time and energy is guaranteed to make me smile.Take for example the white ghost pumpkin. White pumpkins can be made into a jack o’lantern with a ghostly twist using a few strokes of a knife or paintbrush, then turned into a … Read more