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Editorial Quality



Ease of Instructions

I Liked

  • 24/7 customer support is awesome
  • Loved the 3D renderings of the system
  • Materials list costs less than Aquaponics 4 You system
  • You can download everything
  • Maintenance log included!

I Didn't Like

  • Some of the freebies I didn't care about
  • Would like to see more designs than the basic one

Quick Summary: This is the easiest and most comprehensive starter guide to aquaponics that I've personally found to date.  It's easier and better put together than Aquaponics 4 You, which I also reviewed (and liked), so that's saying a lot.  The instructions are clear and there's no shortage of valuable information that will help you build, set up, and maintain your aquaponics system successfully.

From $37

In my quest to figure out the best aquaponics guide that money can buy, I've come across a few out there, as well as books and videos.  Easy DIY Aquaponics is one of the latest ones that I've looked at and I have to say (spoiler) that it's the best one I've seen to date.

A few of the other guides I looked at seemed sloppily thrown together, a bit hasty and not in-depth enough for the beginner to aquaponics.​

Why Should You Consider Aquaponics?

If you're just starting out in urban gardening and experimenting with soil or hydroponics, aquaponics might seem a little 'out there' and complex.

Don't worry.  It's a fairly simple process and arguably one of the most sustainable food production systems in existence today.

Here's a quick breakdown of how it works:​

Some Perks Of Building an Aquaponics System

Hands Off - Once set up, aquaponics can be even more hands-off than hydroponics.  It's a set it and forget it kind of system.  As long as you take care of the fish, you'll be in good shape.

Once Perfected, Very Low Maintenance - The system is extremely simple to maintain making it perfect for the modern lifestyle.

No Weeds - Because you plant the seeds you want and grow above the ground, it's almost impossible for any weeds to grow.  Along with that, the growing media you use prevents weeks from thriving.

No Watering - Aqua is in the name, so it's sort of self-explanatory that you wouldn't have to 'water' your garden in the traditional sense of the word!

No Dirt - You're using a hydroponic growing media for the grow bed, and a fish tank for the bottom, so there's no dirt whatsoever

No Fertilizer - Because the fish process their food into waste, which the plants then use as nutrients ,there's no need to add potentially harmful or unnatural fertilizers into the system.  If you're looking to grow organically this is a big plus, but just from a simplicity standpoint it's also a good way to go.

Just Plain Fun - Because of how interconnected the aquaponics model is, it's really fun to see the progress of both fish and plants simultaneously.  Both fish and plants grow very fast as well, so you'll probably see daily progress in the system!

A Look Inside The Easy DIY Aquaponics System

I have yet to find a more comprehensive program on aquaponics (until I write one of my own!).  Here's a look at what's inside Easy DIY Aquaponics:​

A snapshot of the video series included in the package

  • Full parts and tools list: Although the method to build an aquaponics system is simple, it still requires parts!  Andrew provides the entire list of parts (and tools) you'll need for a successful build.  You can either print the list out and go to the store, or order some parts online.  The entire system should cost less than $200.
  • Step-By-Step Instructions: Includes not only a downloadable, printable guide, but also a materials list, maintenance log, and video's to follow along with if you're a more visual learner (like me).
  • Tips On The Best Fish To Use: Not only does Andrew go through some of the best fish to use, but he ensures that you check with local authorities to make sure that the fish you choose are appropriate and legal for your area.
  • 3D Renderings Of The System: To make sure you're doing everything correctly, in ADDITION to the guide and videos there are 3D renderings of what the system should look like through various stages of the build.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: If you really get stuck building out your aquaponics setup, you can contact the team at any time for some extra help.  This is a really cool perk that I haven't seen in other aquaponics guides.

Some Extras That Come With Easy DIY Aquaponics

  • Worm Farming: If you've ever been interested in starting a worm farm for absolutely amazing compost and worm tea, this will get you started on the right foot.
  • Insider Tips to Healthy Living: I didn't care too much about this guide, but if you're interested in giving it a read, then go for it - just a guide on healthy living habits.
  • DIY Greenhouse Plans: I LOVED this guide.  If you live in an area that has weather swings, wind, or pests and rodents, you may want to consider a greenhouse for your aquaponic garden.  This guide shows you exactly how to set up a greenhouse with a few different plans included.
  • Build a Windmill Plans: I'm not quite at the "build your own windmill" level of sustainability yet, but paging through the guide definitely piqued my interest!
  • Vegan Cooking for Newbies: While I personally love meat as much as the next guy, there's no argument that eating more plants is the way to a healthier lifestyle.  If you want to give some of these recipes a try with your aquaponic harvests, go for it.
  • Survival Plants: Hopefully you never need to use the information in this guide, but like any other survival guide it's always important to know.

My Final Easy DIY Aquaponics Verdict

I Loved

​Including a printable materials and tools list was crucial.  Along with the maintenance log to take notes on every aspect of your grow, this sets Easy DIY Aquaponics apart from the other aquaponics products out there in my opinion

I Didn't Like

​This may be just because I have built a few systems now, but it would have been nice to see some variations on the basic design that is recommended.  Maybe some options for expansion, or daisy-chaining for more yield.


Easy DIY Aquaponics is without a doubt the best guide to get you started in aquaponics that I've found so far. It has everything that other guides have, and more. The maintenance log and extra freebies I found more useful than other guides, and the videos are a bit more crisp and clear in their instructions.

​If you're looking for an all-in-one guide to getting started in aquaponics, my vote is Easy DIY Aquaponics - it's the most solid guide that I've seen on the subject.

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