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Hydroponics for Kids: Build a 2 Liter Bottle Garden

By Kevin / last year

I was chatting with Charlotte, a subscriber on the EG YouTube channel and she had a REALLY good idea: ​Actually, it would be kinda cool if you had a page on the site for kids….. school projects and such for hydroponics.I homeschool 5 kids, and this would be a pretty cool science project. How to […]


How to Build a DIY Pallet Garden for Thirty Bucks

By Kevin / a couple of years ago

Hi There! This post has proved to be one of the most popular on Epic Gardening!  If you enjoy it, you might also enjoy subscribing to the blog to get urban gardening tips and tricks to help you grow food at home…sign up to the right If you’re reading this post, chances are you’ve got an […]


Common Microgreen Problems

By Kevin / 3 years ago

While growing microgreens is relatively simple when compared to a lot of hydroponic plants, you can still run into a lot of different problems.  In the microgreens business that I have recently started, I’ve found that it’s been a challenge to control for all of the different things that can go wrong when growing restaurant-ready […]


How to Plant Microgreen Seeds

By Kevin / 3 years ago

This post is a continuation of the Epic Gardening microgreens guide, which I’ve created to help you through your first grow of microgreens!  If you haven’t checked out the first post, gathering the materials, then head over there first and get all of your materials in order.  Otherwise, read on and learn how to plant microgreen […]


Microgreens Guide: Gathering the Materials

By Kevin / 3 years ago

Welcome to the kickoff of the Epic Gardening microgreens guide!  I’m very excited to share with you exactly how to go through your very own microgreens grow at home.  If you haven’t already checked out my introduction to microgreens, be sure to do that before you get started on this guide. In this first post, […]


Hydroponic Herb Garden Guide

By Kevin / 3 years ago

Everyone Loves Fresh Herbs. But Growing Them…I’m willing to bet that you love using fresh herbs in the meals you prepare for yourself and your family. Herbs are a fantastic way to add flavor and zest to any dish imaginable…but there’s a problem. Most of the time, we settle for dried herbs for a couple […]