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Hydroponic Gardening

Learn about the history of hydroponics and the different types of hydroponic systems. We’ll also teach you how to build your own!

The Kratky Method: How To Grow Food Almost Automatically

The Kratky Method

Although I already think that hydroponics is one of the most interesting, simple, and productive gardening methods out there, what continues to surprise me is the amount of innovation that happens in the field. Not too long ago I was looking for more ways to experiment with my deep water culture systems, including building a very simple hydroponics for kids project.  I ... Read More »

Types of Hydroponic Lighting: What You Need To Know

Hydroponic Lighting Overview

 This is a guest post from the hydroponics enthusiasts over at UK Groworks.  Give them a look if you’re a hydroponics hobbyist in the UK! When growing indoors, it’s essential to match the natural sunlight changes throughout the seasons to initiate the different growth stages of each plant. Different temperatures surrounding a plant and the intensity of the sun are ... Read More »

Hydroponics for Kids: Build a 2 Liter Bottle Garden


I was chatting with Charlotte, a subscriber on the EG YouTube channel and she had a REALLY good idea: Actually, it would be kinda cool if you had a page on the site for kids….. school projects and such for hydroponics. I homeschool 5 kids, and this would be a pretty cool science project. How to do it on the cheap (most ... Read More »

Books, Videos, and Blogs for Hydroponic Beginners

Hydroponics Books, Videos and Blogs for Beginners

When first getting into hydroponics and urban gardening, I had no clue where to start.  There wasn’t a really great source of information online…at least not one I could find.  That’s part of the reason I created Epic Gardening in the first place. I turned to books to learn the bulk of my knowledge – and quickly found out that there ... Read More »

Growing Plants with LEDs: An Epic Gardening Guide

Lighthouse Hydro Blackstar

LED Hydroponics: A How To Guide I was fortunate enough to pick up a Lighthouse Hydro 270w LED light system from the company to review and document an entire hydroponic grow with LED lighting. Lighthouse Hydro Blackstar 270w FSF Initial Impressions Specifications – Size: 15″ L x 11″ W x 3″H – Coverage Area: 2′ x 3′ (@ 18”), 2.5′ ... Read More »

A Simple Guide to Starting Seeds for Hydroponics

Starting Seeds for Hydroponics

So, You Want To Start Seeds for Your Hydroponic System… But you have no idea how to get started? That’s where Epic Gardening comes in!  When I first started gardening, I was messing around in soil (which I still do to this day).  Starting seeds for hydroponics systems was unknown to me until I started to grow in Deep Water ... Read More »

What You NEED to Know about Hydroponic Nutrient Solutions

Hydroponic Nutrient Solutions

Hydroponic nutrient solutions are one of the most important things to consider in hydroponic gardening. Get it right and you will be rewarded with a bountiful harvest of your chosen fruits. Get it wrong and be prepared for great disappointment and a poor yield. Your nutrient solution must contain the correct amount of nutrients as well as other additives that ... Read More »

How to Build a DIY Pallet Garden for Thirty Bucks

Pallet Garden

If you’re reading this post, chances are you’ve got an old pallet that isn’t being used at all.  I had one too, and I knew there was SOMETHING I could do with it…but what? With a little creative thinking (and Googling), I came up with a cool idea for a vertical pallet garden that cost me under $30 to build! ... Read More »