21+ Organic Fertilizers and How To Use Them In Your Garden

If your plants keep dropping leaves, turning odd colors, and generally failing to thrive, it might not be your gardening techniques that are at fault. There could be an imbalance in your soil that’s killing your plants. In such instances, improving your soil might simultaneously improve your chances at having a successful garden. However, it’s … Read more

Hawaiian Ti Plant: Growing Cordyline Fruticosa

In the depths of a snowy winter, you may find yourself daydreaming of warm tropical places.While sitting at your office desk in front of a glowing computer screen, maybe you’re stopping work for a few moments, just long enough for your Hawaiian screen saver to pop up and whisk you away. (Until that annoying coworker … Read more

Best Backpack Sprayers For Your Yard and Garden

There is no question that gardening can be an enjoyable experience. Carefully planting and caring for your lawn, plants, trees and even vegetables can be rewarding. However, to ensure your plants and lawn remain healthy, you have to maintain the space. Without the right tools, this can be quite time-consuming. With a quality backpack sprayer, … Read more

Flamingo Flower (Anthurium Scherzeranum) Care

A plant with a lot of personality and even more interesting names: I’m talking about the Flamingo Flower, or Anthurium. Green, heart-shaped leaves with white, pink, lavender, orange, or red spathes that inspired names like Pigtail Plant, Painter’s Palette, and Painted Tongue. If you want to show true hospitality, you’ll bring this plant to your … Read more

60+ Garden Quotes To Nurture Your Green Thumb

Sometimes gardening can be frustrating! There are so many variables that can affect your garden it’s sometimes difficult to see the “bright side” when everything goes wrong. But, a lesson is learned with every failure and we gardeners continue growing and moving forward. When you think all hope is lost, take a step back, re-motivate … Read more