Perlite vs Vermiculite: What’s the Difference?

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been in this position before… You’re standing in the garden center trying to decide between perlite and vermiculite. All you can remember is that one looks like little Styrofoam balls. The difference between perlite vs vermiculite is important to know for the prosperity of your garden. They seem very […]

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How Does Light Affect Plant Growth?

Light affects us all in different ways. Some people want to raise their arms and greet the morning rays with gleeful shouts. Others turn into vampires and hide under the bed covers. These people usually need coffee before they’ll so much as peek out from under the sheets. Regardless how humans may react when showered […]

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Hydroton (Expanded Clay Pebbles) Growing Guide

The world of hydroponics can be a bit intimidating to someone new to the methods. Even the subject of growing medium can seem convoluted. Should I use floral foam? Growstones? Perlite? Oasis cubes? Coconut chips or fiber? Rockwool? Should I just go jump in a river and fish for rocks? Before you end up shivering […]

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