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Square Foot Gardening Giveaway


If you’re a gardener and you’ve never heard of Square Foot Gardening…you’re missing out!  I can say with full confidence that Square Foot Gardening was the REASON I got into gardening in the first place.  It’s one of the best ways to get into gardening for beginners…but a lot of advanced and master gardeners also grow using the system year ... Read More »

Bluelab pH Pen Review by Epic Gardening

Bluelab pH Pen Review

When I started out in hydroponics, I wanted to start out cheap. I didn’t feel like blowing a lot of money on fancy gadgets or equipment – I was much more interested in hacking together components and making a system that would produce awesome plants, all for under 100 bucks. I’m still interested in that, but as time went on ... Read More »

The Kratky Method: How To Grow Food Almost Automatically

The Kratky Method

Although I already think that hydroponics is one of the most interesting, simple, and productive gardening methods out there, what continues to surprise me is the amount of innovation that happens in the field. Not too long ago I was looking for more ways to experiment with my deep water culture systems, including building a very simple hydroponics for kids project.  I ... Read More »

These Amazing Living Walls Make Us Green With Envy


We Need More Green Walls On This Planet If we’re going to continue the expansion of urban sprawl around the world, it’s in our best interest to make it look as beautiful – and natural – as possible. As humans, we’ve increasingly moved away from natural environments in favor of grey, bleak concrete landscapes that rob us of the sights, ... Read More »

Types of Hydroponic Lighting: What You Need To Know

Hydroponic Lighting Overview

When growing indoors, it’s essential to match the natural sunlight changes throughout the seasons to initiate the different growth stages of each plant. Different temperatures surrounding a plant and the intensity of the sun are triggers for plants that allow them to release chemicals internally that will start them off into the next stage of their lifecycle. The size if ... Read More »

Why Does Our Government Outlaw Front Yard Gardens?


Yet another city is in the news this week for trying to shut down someone’s urban garden, a trend that is as obnoxious as the city is claiming a Florida resident’s garden to be. Obnoxious? That’s right, the cities of South Florida feels that this couple’s front yard garden - which they have had for 17 years – is a ... Read More »

Square Foot Gardens: Where Efficiency Meets Beauty

Square Foot Garden

In this modern age of big cities and high rises, one of the biggest issues urban gardeners are faced with is the lack of space that is inherent to the urban jungle. Luckily, what we lack in square footage we make up for in efficiency. Enter the Square Foot Garden; A highly efficient food production machine that carries a whole ... Read More »

Is It Smart To Grow Microgreens Without Soil?


An Epic Gardening reader who grows microgreens recently emailed me and let me in on a little experiment he was conducting.  You see, he’s always been into growing microgreens hydroponically, but wanted to test and see if there were better ways to grow microgreens.  So he set up an experiment. His name is Darko, and he lives in Slovenia.  He’s ... Read More »

These 11 Pictures of Giant Veggies Will Blow Your Mind

Giant Cucumber

There are vegetables, and then there are gigantic vegetables.  Growers from all around the world devote their lives to creating these beasts of nature, spending incredible amounts of time caring for and tending to their giant vegetables.  From onions, to cucumbers, to leafy greens…no vegetable is off limits. Featured image above is a gigantic cucumber. Weightlifter Jonathan Walker prepares to ... Read More »

Over 100 Places to Buy Heirloom, Organic, and Non-GMO Seeds

Organic and Heirloom Seed Companies in USA

It’s difficult to know where your seeds come from…unless you buy them from a seed company that’s devoted to organic and heirloom practices. The seed companies below offer non-GMO, heirloom, organic, and open-pollinated seeds. Click on the map below to jump to your state. There are a few states that have no seed companies listed – I couldn’t find any ... Read More »