The Best Garden Tillers for 2016

Nothing is quite as satisfying as a freshly tilled garden. Unless, of course, your garden tiller isn’t cut out for the job. Tilling with the wrong type of garden tiller can be more than a hassle – it can be a nightmare. The first time I tilled my garden was a sweaty, frustrating, and time […]

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How to Get Rid of Grasshoppers: Natural Grasshopper Control

There’s nothing worse…You’ve cultivated an amazing garden, full of lush greens and veggies, only to have it relentlessly attacked by grasshoppers. Unlike many garden pests, which focus on one type of plant, grasshoppers aren’t too picky and can obliterate most of the plants you’ve spent all season growing.In this guide, you’ll learn ​many different ways […]

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Compost vs. Fertilizers: What’s the Difference?

Compost or fertilizer — which one is best for your garden? If you are new to gardening, you may notrealize that there are some significant differences between the two when it comes to creating ahealthy environment for your plants.Award-winning garden retailer Dobies of Devon is on hand to discuss some of the standout pros andcons […]

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