Where Do Vanilla Beans Come From?

When you drink a much-needed vanilla flavored latte in the mornings or see those specks of vanilla mixed into your ice cream, do you ever wonder, “Where do vanilla beans come from?”Are they natural products? Why are they so expensive? Can you grow them yourself and keep from paying all that money for dried vanilla […]

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15+ Upcycle Ideas For The Garden

Quick Navigation 1. Turn Styrofoam Cups Into Planters2. Turn Mushroom Containers Into Planters​3. Turn Egg Cartons Into Germination Trays​4. Use Plastic Bags To Create Mini Greenhouses5. Use a Crib for a Trellis6. Use Clothing as Plant Ties7. Use Fence Pieces For Container Gardening8. Use Trash Cans For Compost Bins9. Turn Wine Corks Into Containers10. Weave […]

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